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Kukri Carry Tips

As Tokoshi Campers saw both traditional and modern adaptions of the kukri I failed to demonstrate my preferred concealed carry method for it. It is simply wearing the blade inverted and tying it with the tasuki sabaki method. Using the method a full size kukri fits readly under a light jacket or open over shirt. Still check your local laws on concealed weapon carry.

Kukri Under Jacket

Blade Drawn

During WWII the kukri was used in many areas of conflict. However, the weapon gained acclaim with both Allied and enemy forces in North Africa. Its major claim to fame came after one unit’s situation report. It read: “Enemy losses: ten killed, our nil. Ammunition expenditure nil.” This further illustrates a blade does not run out of ammunition.

As a reminder our kempo has no fixed blade style but instead a system and method suited to the adaption of any blade types. Although the kukri is near and dear to our method as it it one of a limited few blade designs that incorporates chopping, slicing and thrusting in its arsenal. It also originates from the region that the rock hard diamond fist law got its start. Yet there is a possible connection between the kukri and the kopis of Alexander the Great some 2500 years ago. While the origin of kukri is not definitely known; there is a common belief that the design was transplanted from ancient Greeks to the Indian subcontinent by Alexander the Great troops.

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