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Today we cover another segment to Book 7 of the Mystic Dream Walker series in our podcast plus the usual AJNW News. Patrons on Patreon can listen to it today at the MAKA Knight level and above or you can hear it later on Spotify when it airs. There is an old martial art adage if you want to keep something about your art secret show them everything. Then there is the age old method employed by both Bruce Lee and Miyamoto Musashi it was called keeping your mouth shut. Mushashi was also known by several other names like Miyamoto Bennosuke and others. As a Japanese sword master and ronin, Mushashi was often referred to as a sword saint. He was known to be an artist, carpenter, philosopher, strategist, and a writer. Still he was best known for his double-bladed kenjutsu style and his undefeated record of sixty one personal duels.  Bruce Lee was known for his writing, acting and his martial arts. Especially for his art of Jeet Kune Do, every Bruce Lee fan knows about his training under Ip Man also know as Yip Man but few knew about his training under Fook Yueng. For more information about the Fook Yueng Chuan system look up Steve Smith at the Little Dojo.

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