The Rabbit Hook Punch

Making Stories Real

The Rabbit Hook Punch: can utilize the fist or a ridge fist or ridge hand strike. It can also land with an inverted back-fist or a bear or panther fist type of blow, (like you would use to rap on a door). Still it is to be used for only direly serious encounters, as some variations can be fatal. Especially with blows that are aimed at the base of the skull and the sternocleidomastoid process. These blows can damage the cervical vertebrae and even the spinal cord, if thrown with sufficient force. A rabbit styled hook punch has the potential to detach the victim’s brain from the brain stem, which can kill instantly. As a blow to the jaw it can still result in a knockout punch.

I use my knowledge and study of the martial arts to add authenticity to my sci-friction, fantasy stories. Because of thisĀ I feel that my life long interest and practice of martial arts and writing complement each other. Both fields of study require constant polishing and refining but sometime even simple and direct writing such as mine makes the point.

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