Tao’s Code & Tokoshi Camp

Can you break the Code?

The adventure begins when a college librarian discovers a set of codes. Actually it might start when the man she marries tries to escape from a secret society. After they meet we discover her nickname is Tao. “Protecting Tao” has two codes in the story. One is from the art the second is from the symbols on the frame. Can you break the code before the Tao does? The Mystic Dream Walker series book 10 is filled with martial arts action, humor and intrigue. I appreciate your support of my writing and request your reviews on my amazon kind books. Good reviews are one of the most important aspect in making a difference in an authors life.

Also I want to give thanks for the replies from my podcast “Adventure Seekers Welcome Jedi, Ninja, and Wizards Tolerated,” to all who are planning to attend the Tokoshi Kempo weekend camp out at Muscatatuck¬†Park. The grounds had started out as a vinegar mill which was made by early pioneers. The park was originally named Vinegar Mill State Park in 1921. The Park was named after a stone cutting mill located on the banks of the Muscatatuck River. Then a year later the name was changed to the Muscatatuck State Park. In 1968 the grounds were given back to the county to be used for recreation. In four more years the park will be celebrating it’s one hundredth anniversary!

The camp goal is the same as our goal at Mushin University which is to make good people better. Martial arts are not only about combat but more often than not it is about fighting with our own personal demons. Personal development and growth while learning to laugh at ourselves are some of the benefits we discover by learning the universal principles behind the martial arts.


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