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Update on Adventure Seekers Welcome: Jedi, Ninja and Wizards Tolerated

Adventure Seekers Welcome: Jedi, Ninja and Wizards Tolerated, is now available on, Over Cast, RadioPublic as well as Spotify, Pocket Cast and Breaker. Alright, that makes a whopping six mini podcast in the bag as of right now and seven bonus ones to boot. The podcast gives me a venue to chat with friends, students and fans of the martial arts and my writing. I have heard that seven is the cut of stage where most podcasters drop off from podcasting. Still if my books are any indication I will keep at it. So only time will tell but as I mentioned I have more than seven episodes already listed in the queue now.

My podcast on Anchor are on a time release rate of one episode a week and one bonus along with it for the next couple of weeks. Although the first episode has two short bonuses. However, my mini podcast are available on Patreon right now. I have kept my podcast short as my Patreon site only allows that length but my Anchor site will allow more. I guess I’ve will have to wait and see how listeners response go.

I’m excited about the Anchor podcast as it will allow for my listeners to leave one minute responses that can be added to the program! So I am looking forward to listeners questions and comments. Which by the way time frame was also derived from the advice of my sons. When he is not talking astrophysics or fart jokes he keeps me up on how short the short attention span of modern day society has; hey, look a squirrel! Adventure Seekers Welcome: Jedi, Ninja and Wizards Tolerated This is my anchor link from which you can leave a 1 minute messages that can be played on the program. This feature is only available on my Anchor link.

This is my Breaker link. 

This is the Overcast link.

This is the Pocket Cast link.

This is the RaidoPublic link.

This is the Spotify link.


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