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New Podcast (sign off statement)

This is going to be short, I’m thinking about changing the closing statement about watching your thoughts and so on. What do you think about using the Tokoshi Kempo creed instead? Let me know if I should keep the old sign off? I still am working on including VOI interviews for the podcast too. So far the short format works with having these on Patreon and I enjoy making them more so all the time. I love giving some of my favorite quotes, poems, stories of my weird life and background to you. I am looking forward to unleashing some of my friends thoughts and ideas onto the podcast as well. Drop me a line or ask a question for the Sensei from my book ” Enlightenment Kicking and Screaming (The Paradox of Martial Art Training).” Also drop me a line about any events you are having, I will try to post them here or on the podcast. Please make sure you give a month advance notice. I’m still looking into adding my podcast here as well.

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