Sen no Sen

The Art of the Sucker Punch

By Rand Law

A course in scientific street fighting should teach classes covering the best opening both for defensive awareness and for acquiring targets. The targets would cover primarily things like the eyes, ears, nose, and throat not to mention the groin. On the other hand places like the solar plexus, neck, kidney, head, hair (included the beard and the man bun), fingers and joints are great target for your strikes, grabs, and holds. Basically anything that is illegal in boxing, wrestling and MMA should be considered.

The biggest thing you should guard against is unawareness, which is quickly followed by tunnel vision. First pay attention to your surrounding and who is around you (maintain distance is key for controlling awareness). Listen to your gut, don’t let the bag guy close in on you. Second of all watch the hands first for weapons but after that don’t lock in on the attacker’s eyes, sternum, hips, hands or feet. These are great focus areas for various sports but on the street you have to watch for others too, so keep your eyes on your surroundings.

Most people are head hunters in a fight, so be aware of this defensively but take whatever opening is given offensively. Survival instinct generally kicks in with targets such as the eyes and groin so often the obvious attack isn’t the best. That is unless you have the skills and attributes to pull it off. So take whatever target that is closest, like the aforementioned solar plexus, neck, kidney, head, hair (included the beard and man bun), fingers and other joints as targets.

Another thing to watch for and guard against is trying to overpower the attack by swinging for the bleachers. Make your moves flow like water, especially if you do not have knock out power with a short strikes. Big swings can be telegraphing and that will only make you more vulnerable. Telegraphing also happens whenever you begin to overextend your fighting stance. A good fighting stances should be mobile but it should also have you standing with your head over your shoulders and your shoulders over your hips. Followed by your hips over your heels. Overextending your strikes and or grabs can expose your limbs and other targets on your body. So be natural and relaxed, try to keep calm by controlling your breath .


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