Mastery: For Martial Artists and Everyone

A Paradigm for Self-Knowledge

By Rand Law

The best chance you have of achieving mastery lies in being the top expert in the world on a particular subject. This, in and of itself, is a daunting task, although there is one very specific short cut anyone can follow that will greatly increase your odds of success. This short cut is to specialize in a subject that is unique and under your control. The short cut needs to be something that holds all of your interests and only requires for you to develop skills in them. Your skill levels needs only run the range from basic, to intermediate, to advance to succeed on three different related subjects. Only one of these skills levels need be advanced at first but they all should be above novice. The mysterious short cut and main subject is you: So self-discipleship is mandatory, remember it is a long distance race and not a sprint. I will point out that even with using this guideline it will still be a difficult task to master yourself and it will demand lifelong study. The key is to practice; as mastery is in the journey and not the destination.



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