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My blogs, like my books, will be filled with all the nerdy things that make me tick. So this, of course, will consist of a host of topics not just martial arts. Although martial arts are a part of my daily life, as I have been a lifelong martial artist. However, unlike the Jedi most martial artists seek action and adventure but they also crave serenity, for the most part. Of course, those martial artists that do not seek ‘Serenity’ probably already own the entire Firefly DVD collection.

Is my inner nerd showing yet? I love Star Trek, Star Wars at least episodes 4-6. Thus far only Rouge One, Solo, and the cartoon series have met my nerd standards. Also on my nerd list is Harry Potter (the entire movie series) and various versions of the book Dune by Frank Herbert made into movies. I also am a big Sherlock Holmes fan since my youth. I loved Sir Author Conan Doyle’s books and movies based on his character, even some of the old black and white TV movies. I wanted to be Sherlock and Spock for that matter, (only partially for their uncanny use of logic and deductive reasoning). With Sherlock it was also for his knowledge of martial arts. Spock had the Vulcan neck pinch, which never worked for me. I related well to Sherlock’s character and his deep bouts of depression, mine were caused by abuse. But, I never succumbed to using Sherlock’s 7% Solution. Instead, I quit living and working for an oligarchy bent on domination. This aspect of my life is also very apparent in my fictional books story line. It is sad but true but I have found that you write what you know.

I also make my characters better than me with some of my other pursuits. I find adventure in my attempts at playing music, which consist primarily of the harmonica and the cigar box guitar, CBG. Some of my characters draw well, the pen and ink cartoon below on this post is my feeble attempt at art but my characters draw much better. Likewise my characters often get to do things I wished I could do and most of their disasters are from my attempts at trying to do some of these things.

I would also like to point out that I am not a psychic. I am just an ordinary person that has experienced unusual clairvoyant or mystic phenomenon throughout my life. While these events happen in my story lines, especially in the Mystic Dream Walker series as a daily event; they are not that common for me. These ethereal experiences and memories are and have been merely unpredictable happenstance for me.

I am nerdy, but I am not a techno geek, although sometimes I wish that I was but I’m not wired that way. I’m still struggling with my web-page but nonetheless I am also working on a Patreon podcast that will only have short messages. They will follow along these same guidelines, but with a bit more of a philosophical outlook to them, I’m guessing. At least that is my goal to put out some inspirational and/or motivational thoughts and insights. My twitter account should soon be ramping up with some of my three-dimensional martial art cartoons. My hope is that it I will be faster at producing these clay figures. I am too critical of my illustrations to be fast. I will hopefully also be more forgiving of my flaws in this new venue. Although all of these plans may alter, who knows where everything will eventually settle. Still dreams, daydreams and the pursuit of action and adventure are what I wish to pursue on my blog and in my books. If these things are appealing to you, I would like to invite you along on the journey.

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