A Samurai’s Pen

It's not all about Fighting

I have several tactical pens, and yes that means they are all black. One of my favorites is the CRKT tactical pen designed by James Williams. It was a gift from a student which makes it special. On the other hand as I mentioned it was designed by James Williams, sensei which increases the sentimental value even more.

James Williams, is a former Army officer and a modern day samurai if there ever was one. Under his tutelage I have been able to immensely refine my edged weapon skills. But while this pen is a great safety tool its primary function is to be a writing instrument.

A person should write about what he knows. Whereas mastery is all about becoming the leading expert in a particular field, so in fact, anyone who writes or pursues mastery should concentrate upon themselves. That is unless they don’t really know themselves, in which case they should help others. Generally speaking this works out the best for everyone.

The writer can have his characters show his or her flaws without having the need to become defensive about them. Likewise it helps give the author the opportunity to work out their problems in a safe manner. However, making complaints about Aunt Betsy’s cooking should not be so apparent that she recognizes herself in the story line. If that happens, then the author should be ready to duck those rock hard yeast rolls she might be throwing next Thanksgiving’s Day.

One the other hand, Aunt Betsy might adjust her cooking habits to fit more into the acceptable guidelines for human consumption. Either that, or she might use this opportunity to improve her new poison formula.

As a broken down, washed up, martial art instructor of little talent, helping others learn the short cuts helps refine our personal knowledge. So, the more you give away the easier it is to refine your own sculpting. In teaching just as in writing, it is easier to perceive faults in others than in oneself. So, if you are telling someone the wrong way (or less refined manner), you just might recognize what part of the sculpture needs the most polishing.

Often times, people outside of the martial arts look at the practice as merely a safe expression to release aggression. Either that, or an unspoken desire to run around in old fashion pajamas in public. However, that need is no longer considered taboo, if you don’t believe me then you obviously haven’t been out shopping lately.

Be that as it may, having a multi-functional tool such as the CRKT pen can come in handy should one ever find themselves having to jot down a note on paper after your phone battery needs recharged. It can also provide a great deterrent should one ever be attacked and you do not have a katana or your properly licensed CCW pistol on you.

Heck, I would be willing to bet that in a pinch a tactical pen could easily tear into one of Aunt Betsy’s yeast rolls. After all, they have to be softer inside. Although up to this point, it is sheer speculation as no one has been able to do so, as we only had steak knives available.

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